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It's not who you are
that holds you back,
it's whom you think you are not

Hello, I'm Lisa

your dedicated Career Coach

With a wealth of experience and a passion for guiding professionals on their journey to success, I'm here to help you uncover your true career aspirations and harness your unique skill sets.

As an Associate Certified Coach with 300+ hours of coaching experience, my mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and associations globally.


I specialize in delivering tailored coaching solutions in English, Italian, and Portuguese, drawing from my extensive corporate background to ensure tangible results.

I believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, and I use proven coaching techniques to foster growth, amplify strengths, and facilitate lasting change.


My commitment is to work with you to identify your career aspirations, navigate challenges, and steer you toward a future that aligns with your passions, promising a fulfilling and rewarding journey ahead.


Welcome to the path of success!

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What My Clients Say


Digital Strategist

"I reached out to Lisa because I was going through a challenging moment of my life: new city, new job, new life, and her support was important to create an improved self-awareness and to help me understand my objectives.


After each session, I felt more empowered and ready to act!

Lisa is very open to listening and to addressing the correct questions to make you think."

Beth Young

Executive Recruiter

Lisa is an expert listener with a laser-focused coaching style. Each session she picked up on key pieces that were outside my awareness.


She brought them forward in a gentle and curious way that allowed me to make better business decisions and ultimately thrive amidst the uncertainty of early entrepreneurship.


Looking back, I realize just how much we accomplished together as a result of Lisa’s coaching!

Paolo N.

Digital Marketing Manager

"Lisa is a true professional, she was able to set a respectful environment by listening and staying open and welcoming.

Her approach and her powerful questions have been catalysts for my change: they helped me give voice to the thoughts I was keeping quiet and take the first step in a new adventure.

It's been my first coaching experience and I found it powerful, enlightening, and transformational!"



Over the course of three months, we'll schedule weekly 60-minute sessions online or on the phone.

We will interact in a series of assessments and customized action steps to complete in between sessions to get you closer to reaching your goal, and you will have access via email or text for continuous support.

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Speaking & Training

Perfect for an organization of business professionals in need of a menu of concrete tools and strategies to make positive changes personally and professionally. These workshops are a game-changer for companies that believe employees aren't just warm bodies but are a fundamental part of company success.

Image by Jason Goodman
Emotional Intelligence

he EQ-i 2.0 assessment provides the perfect way to tap into 15 emotional and social skills. The result will be a clear picture of how you currently use your emotional intelligence and a clear understanding of your strengths and areas of improvement.

My Values


I believe that the first step to developing a longterm relationship is trust. It's essential to create a safe supportive environment where people are free to be themselves, so that they can bring their best selves forward.


Successful coaching depends on us working together. That's why I'll work with you to set a plan and keep it moving forward. Every coaching sessions will be focused, friendly, and fun.

When you win, I win.


I bring the highest level of professionalism to every session I hold. Backed by over 150 hours of coaching, I reflect my respect for you through the attitude I bring to every session and beyond. 


My enthusiasm for coaching and my desire to help drive your career goals will increase your fulfillment. I'm a driven individual with a strong focus on positive energy when delivering results through client-centricity.


Accountability is a crucial element of growing as a professional, and together we can create a supportive structure that helps keep you on track at every step of this journey. 


 Your privacy is of utmost importance to me. I will never share your information unless you give me written permission or it is required by law. This includes any information obtained about our career coaching sessions.

Your Search For A Coach
Landed You Here...
So Let's Achieve the career of your dreams together!

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