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About Change

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Change is a difficult process.

We all know that change can evoke strong reactions in people and it can present us with numerous new and uncomfortable circumstances that we're not prepared for; we're creatures of habit, after all.

Sometimes when we're faced with new situations, we're not sure how to cope. Our minds are wired to double down on strategies that have worked for us in the past. We build our lives around the security of routine, and something as simple as a change in location or even our work schedule can make us feel out of sorts.

As a person who has gone through her fair share of life changes, I have learned to embrace change. Some of my changes came at the behest of others, some I chose to make myself, and some happened without me wanting them to.

Recently, I decided to share my experiences with some significant life changes that happened throughout my life story. The purpose of sharing these experiences was to provide insight into my life story, to hopefully help others who may be going through similar transitions, and to demonstrate how one can adapt and overcome adversity by learning from each situation.

A lot of things in your life are going to change, and it can be a very scary thing. I understand how you feel.

Please if you have any questions or comments about life transitions and change ask them below and I will respond to each one.


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