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Oh, shift! Seminars

What I offer for your organization is a concrete set of tools and strategies to make positive changes in both personal and professional life.

Oh, Shift! Workshops are a game-changer for Companies that believe that their employees are a fundamental part of their success.

Do you want your audience to leave the room with a more positive, optimistic outlook on change and its impact—for themselves, their businesses, and their lives?

These seminars are perfect for you!

Based on the teachings and strategies found in her best-selling book Oh, shift! this 6 modules seminar is perfet  to help participants:

  • Access tools to better handle change

  • Step into a more positive, empowered mindset

  • Discover ways they can help themselves (and others) be better

Amazing, right?

You can have it all and generate a positive impact for the business.

Show them you care, solve a problem no one else has solved for them!

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This module is a fun and interactive session where participants will learn how to create effective change in their lives. Oh, shift! will show how feelings, thoughts, and words affect mindset, motivation, relationships, results, and real reality.



To affect positive change in your life, one's must understand what is and what isn't working. This module is perfect for exploring the importance of self-awarness and how increasing it can bring everyone closer their goal.

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In these module we'll take a look at what it means to be in a "state of flow", what are the obstacles that keep from staing in this state and the reason why everyone should embrace it.



  • If you want is to badly, why it is so difficult?

  • What do you need to create the changes that you desire?

  • Are you ready to make those changes?

These are some of the questions we will answer in this module. Wel'll talk about change and the obstacles that may keep from creating positive change.

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Reactions are happening every sencond od every day. In every moment we have a choice about how we react to what is going on around us.

In this module we willl talk about how reactions are a powerful tool to take control of reality.



We will look at a concept that is super important in creating a more joiful life: personal power. We will look at hot to use it, how we five it away, and what to do to hold onto it.​

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