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"I reached out to Lisa because I was going through a challenging moment of my life: new city, new job, new life, and her support was important to create an improved self-awareness and to help me understand my objectives. After each session, I felt more empowered and ready to act! Lisa is very open to listening and addressing the correct questions to make you think."

Paolo N.

Lisa is a true professional, she was able to set a respectful environment by listening and staying open and welcoming. Her approach and her powerful questions have been catalysts for my change: they helped me give voice to the thoughts I was keeping quite and take the first step in a new adventure.
It's been my first coaching experience and I found it powerful, enlightening and transformational!

Megan Parker

I really enjoyed my recent coaching sessions with Lisa. She has a lovely, warm demeanor and is an excellent listener. I appreciated that she kept me focused on the session agenda and when I got distracted, she would bring me back on topic. During our time together, Lisa coached me through some work and personal challenges including breaking my lifelong habit of being chronically late. She did this by helping me identify self-sabotaging behaviors, bringing intention to my actions, and keeping me accountable. I am so grateful!

Beth Young

Lisa is an expert listener with a laser-focused coaching style. Each session she picked up on key pieces that were outside my awareness. She brought them forward in a gentle and curious way that allowed me to make better business decisions and ultimately thrive amidst the uncertainty of early entrepreneurship. Looking back, I realize just how much we accomplished together as a result of Lisa’s coaching.

S. D.

Lisa's style is simple, linear, and very effective. She is extremely attentive to what the client says and hears and relates apparently dissociated concepts and points with a lot of intuition. Lisa's questions are powerful and help explore the issues addressed in the session in depth. Personally, I have learned many things that I would not have thought of on my own. After all the sessions I was able to put the actions into practice and progress in relation to all the objectives discussed. Very, very useful.

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