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1:1 Coaching

There’s no better time to commit to your goals than now.

Lisa is a true professional, she was able to set a respectful environment by listening and staying open and welcoming. Her approach and her powerful questions have been catalysts for my change: they helped me give voice to the thoughts I was keeping quiet and take the first step in a new adventure.
It's been my first coaching experience and I found it powerful, enlightening, and transformational!

Paolo N.

Digital Marketing Manager

You are here because you want to advance in your career by:

Navigating the Competitive Landscape: In today's competitive job market, you aspire to excel and stay ahead of the curve. You recognize the influx of talented professionals, and you're eager to acquire new skills that set you apart.

Mastering the Art of Professional Connections: Building meaningful relationships in your workplace is vital, and you're ready to overcome the challenges that come with it. You understand that networking is a cornerstone of success in the corporate world, and you're eager to develop this crucial skill.

Overcming Stress and Self-Doubt: The demands of your career often lead to overwhelming stress, affecting both your mental and physical well-being. Additionally, the relentless imposter syndrome haunts you, making you question your qualifications and worthiness in your current role. You're determined to manage stress effectively and break free from the cycle of self-doubt to thrive in your professional journey.

Image by Austin Kehmeier

What is Career Coaching

Career coaching is a strategic conversation about your path toward a brighter future. 

We delve into your core values, beliefs, your ideal job, your career aspirations, and your life goals. This enables you to carefully map out the steps needed to transform your dreams into reality.

Moreover, it involves the meticulous process of not only identifying but also refining your vision. Subsequently, we work together to uncover opportunities that will propel you from your current position towards your long-term goals, ensuring that your career journey is both purposeful and fulfilling.

Career coaching is a powerful resource for acquiring invaluable insights.

Through this process, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and areas for improvement. We'll work together to harness your skills and translate them into marketable assets. Additionally, we'll evaluate whether your career objectives align with the ethos and mission of your chosen corporate environment. Together, we'll craft well-thought-out strategies to navigate your desired career path, and we'll meticulously assess your current skillset against job requirements, all aimed at bringing you closer to your dream job.

1:1 Coaching Program

I reached out to Lisa because I was going through a challenging moment of my life: new city, new job, new life, and her support was important to create an improved self-awareness and to help me understand my objectives. After each session, I felt more empowered and ready to act!
Lisa is very open to listening and addressing the correct questions to make you think.


Digital Strategist

I provide a range of coaching packages designed to help you discover your focus, boost productivity, and transform your aspirations into reality.

You can opt for month-to-month packages, giving you the flexibility to choose how frequently we meet each month, tailored to your specific needs and schedule.

Each session is meticulously crafted to address your specific concerns and objectives, ensuring that you leave with actionable insights and a clear plan for moving forward.

I understand that not everyone enjoys homework, so rest assured, I won't assign any unless you express a desire for additional materials.


Furthermore, I'm committed to your success and offer direct access via email or text messages throughout our weekly sessions. This allows us to discuss any aspects related to our coaching program and seek advice or guidance as needed, right from our very first meeting.

The results you will achieve:

What I bring to the table


I've developed in-depth knowledge of career growth and transitions, and the challenges that come with them.


I've experienced it all - from transitioning into my first people leader role, to managing a team, to being a passive executive, and more. I’ll be able to help you get clear on your next steps, as well as lead you through them successfully!


Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence expertise

 This allows me to provide a more psychological approach that involves analyzing successful strategies used by individuals and applying them to reach personal goals. It also relates thoughts, language, and behavioral patterns learned through experience to specific outcomes.


A simple, linear, and very effective coaching style


I offer a coaching style that is simple and highly effective, as well as thoughtful and attentive to what the client says and feels. My questioning skills are a powerful tool in exploring issues addressed in the session in-depth while also getting to root causes. My goal is to help you reach your goals through a process of reflection and creative problem solving.


Background as a cross-cultural manager leading marketing & communication teams 


I managed cross-cultural teams across multiple locations worldwide, and mentored people of different backgrounds, cultures, and genders. I have led multiple international partnerships across the globe, contributing to their success as a result of my communication skills as well as strategy development.

What is coaching?

ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines Coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


The coaching process often unlocks untapped imagination, productivity, and leadership sources.


Coaching is helpful because we all go through times when we experience stress, overwhelm, and feeling off-kilter, and I can help you overcome challenges and reach your goals by adopting a healthy mindset to live your life well.

You are already on the right path, and working together will positively transform your life.

To get started on your journey,
Schedule a free consultation today!

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